Built to suit your specific elevating needs, Tong manufactures a range of mobile elevators suitable for gently and efficiently handling a wide range of vegetables, crops and grain. From a gentle mobile potato elevator to a troughed mobile soil elevator, Tong’s mobile elevating range is designed to offer an affordable, convenient and efficient transfer of product from one area to the next.

Bespoke mobile elevators in varying lengths

Used in a wide range of applications from light industrial through to root crops and grain handling, Tong mobile elevators are available in standard lengths ranging from 3m to 12m long, and two belt widths of 600mm and 900mm. So we really can create the perfect fit to your conveying line.

So, no matter how large or small your vegetable grading & handling requirement, or what product you are handling, if you are looking for a reliable mobile elevator look no further than Tong.




Built on a simple, robust design, Tong mobile elevators offer reliable operation in all handling conditions for many years.



Tong’s standard rubber belts feature 35mm high cleats giving effective elevation of the most fluid materials, even when working at steep angles, ensuring gentle yet efficient handling.



Available with a choice of speed functions, Tong’s mobile elevators are popularly fitted with variable speed for regulated crop throughput and quality in all conditions. Fixed single, or two speed motors can also be specified for maximum throughput.



All Tong mobile elevators are available with the choice of a manual or automatic hydraulic lift for easy adjustment of the elevator’s height.



Efficient Handing

Tong mobile elevators ensure minimal rollback and exceptionally gentle handling of crop, with a soft rubber 35mm high cleated belt.


Mobile Elevating

Fully mobile and easily transportable, Tong’s mobile elevators offer exceptionally convenient movement of product and soil, used in the field or at multiple sites.


From 10 to 100 tph

Tong mobile elevators offer fast yet gentle handling of vegetables, soil, woodchip… you name it! No matter what your throughput, Tong offers a mobile elevator to suit every need.

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