Farmers and growers throughout the UK and Europe are increasingly looking for alternative markets for their sugar beet crop. Tong has designed a new range of heavy duty sugar beet washing equipment for efficient washing, destoning and loading of sugar beet. Prior to its use in Anaerobic Digestion (AD).

Tong’s mobile sugar beet washing equipment, along with the Caretaker mobile vegetable grader are ideal for use at multiple sites, to wash and remove stones from the crop at high speed, whilst increasing daily throughputs. Sugar beet is a large, hard and bulky crop in comparison to standard root crops. Tong’s sugar beet washer equipment is designed to be a heavy duty design and construction, ensuring excellent performance in the most demanding sugar beet handling situations.

MOBILE WASHING of sugar beet

Manufactured in a range of standard sizes depending on your throughput requirements from 30 to 60 tonnes per hour, Tong’s sugar beet washing equipment features a close-coupled destoner and built-in auger. All mounted on a heavy duty chassis with road wheels and a tractor drawbar for easy transport. Giving the ideal solution to your sugar beet destoning and vegetable washing needs.





As the sugar beet is fed into the barrel washer, it is met with a reinforced infeed chute for handling the tough crop at high speeds. Crop falls into the close-coupled destoner’s water tank where the sugar beet floats into the washer’s barrel. Stones are effectively removed as they sink to the bottom of the destoner tank, and they are then removed by a heavy duty web elevator.



Tong’s sugar beet washing equipment is fitted with a heavy duty auger inside the barrel tank, for the effective removal of soil that builds up in the tank during the washing process. A pneumatically operated sluice valve is also fitted to the barrel tank for easy discharge of dirty water.



The mobile sugar beet washer is built with a robust crop discharge elevator. With a durable, heavy duty ‘door-stop’ style rubber belt, for gentle handling of crop whilst allowing water to drain back into the washer tank. An efficiently powerful final rinse bar is fitted above the discharge elevator to ensure optimum crop cleaning results. Water spray jets give crop a final rinse as it comes out of the barrel for an enhanced washed finish.



Built with minimal maintenance in mind, the Tong sugar beet washing equipment is designed to operate in the most demanding sugar beet washing situations. Whilst making cleaning and maintenance quick and easy, resulting in minimal downtime and optimum productivity.



Built upon Tong’s trademark robust and reliable design, Tong’s sugar beet washing equipment are designed and built using uprated components. Heavy duty fabrication ensures a robust and reliable sugar beet washing facility that stands up to demands.



Heavy Duty

Designed and built using uprated components and heavy duty fabrication, Tong’s sugar beet washing equipment offer excellent performance in the most demanding sugar beet handling situations.


3 to 5m long

Manufactured in a range of standard models with barrel lengths from 3 to 5m long and a choice of 1200mm or 1500mm diameters. Tong offers a sugar beet washing solution to suit your needs.


30 to 60 tph

Built to perform under the most demanding washing and destoning situations, Tong’s sugar beet washers are built to suit all requirements from 30 to 60 tonnes per hour.

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