Box Filling Equipment

Tong’s market-leading midi vegetable EasyFill box filler offers high capacity box filling and bag filling. Whilst offering the gentlest handling of almost any crop including potatoes, onions, carrots, parsnips and more.

Manufactured with our unique doorstop belt to cradle crop for the minimal drop, our EasyFill range of box & bag filling equipment incorporates a range of models. Designed to suit a variety of vegetable box sizes for optimum performance.


When it comes to box & bag filling, Tong also offers several solutions for all sorts of applications, from our Big Bag Bins to fill big bags on a more occasional basis, to fully automatic filling machines. We can offer filling equipment for any needs, from the high capacity MonstaBox Filler to single box fillers, which is perfect if space is limited.

If it’s smaller bags you’re looking to fill, then our range of weigher and bags offers versatile filling of bags and trays from approximately 7.5kg to 50kg.

The most gentle filling solution on the market

Using our marketing leading door stop belt technology, all vegetables and crop is gently lowered into the bin, bag or box for smooth filling. Avoiding any bruises from high drops at speed is what makes Tong’s filling equipment the obvious choice for your processing line.

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