Vegetable Weighing Machine

From weight grading potatoes, onions and carrots, to vegetable weighing and bagging, Tong manufacture a wide range of vegetable weighing equipment. Designed to be suitable for a range of materials including paper, plastic and hessian nets, bags and sacks. Tong have a vegetable weighing machine to suit any requirement.

Weigher Baggers & Platforms

Our range of weigher baggers offer effective bagging of potatoes, carrots, onions, parsnips, swedes, brussel sprouts and more. They can be custom designed to suit your exact vegetable weighing machine needs.

From the 425 weigher bagger (the smallest semi-automatic design) to the 2520 weigher bagger with two double-belted feed system, we can cater for your vegetable weighing requirements.

All Tong vegetable weighing machines can be integrated with bag and sack closing and stitching equipment, for a complete potato weighing solution. In addition, Tong also manufactures robust weigh platforms for electronic weighing of big one ton bags and boxes. FInd your perfect carrot weighing machine, potato weighing machine or other weighing machines for you below.

  • Vegetable weighing
  • Potato weighing
  • Carrot weighing
  • Onion weighing
  • Crop weighing
  • Parsnip weighing
  • Swede weighing
  • Brussel sprout weighing
  • Broccoli weighing
  • Bulb weighing
  • Fruit weighing