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High Quality Potato Processing Machine for Bayard Distribution

Potato Processing | Tong Caretaker EasyClean Separator Cleaner

Bayard Distribution needed to increase the quantity of their potato processing. Specialising in salad potatoes, Bayward approached Tong, looking to invest in specialist handling and grading equipment that could separate differing crop sizes, whilst grading, cleaning and potato processing and keeping the vegetables in optimum condition.

Based in Picardie, France, Bayard Distribution’s potato production processes over 12 varieties of salads on over 200 acres of land.

“With a need to handle small-sized crop, between 18 – 28mm, we needed to put in place a process that was as accurate and effective as possible. The design needed to be mobile and incorporate mechanized processing and gentle handling, whilst focusing on improving throughput efficiency,” said Francoise Bayard of Bayard Distribution.

Bespoke potato processing equipment

“We purchased a bespoke Caretaker mobile vegetable grader (2012) with integrated EasyClean separator from Tong, specifically tailored to out individual requirements.  We’ve worked with Tong Engineering since 1996 and have found their machinery to be robust, reliable and efficient – in all weather conditions, and only need minimal amounts of maintenance.

“Bayard’s Caretaker features the new EasyGrade separator with integrated stone and clod separator, which removes the need for multiple machines,” said Charlie Rich, export manager of Tong. “The Caretaker is robust and reliable, offering effective cleaning and vegetable grading of up to 60 tonnes per hour.

“As well as precise grading, the Caretaker 2012 offers significant energy savings when compared to mechanical variator controlled machines. When running at full capacity, the Caretaker 2012 can run on as low as just 18 amps, which is an energy-saving of up to 50% when compared to similar machines with standard mechanical drive. This offers significant savings on running costs,” added Mrs. Bayard.

The Bayard machine also features a HMI touch screen control unit, allowing quick easy and automatic alterations to the speed and direction of rollers to suit different crop and handling conditions.

“As we’ve been working with Bayard Distribution for a 16 years now, we were able to create and design a complete solution for them. We worked closely with Mr & Mrs Bayard to provide a totally bespoke system, from initial design drawings to engineering, fabrication and after-sales service,” added Charlie.

Explore Tong’s range of other potato processing machines to add to your production line. We build potato processing machines bespoke to your requirements, outputs and exact crop or vegetable type, contact us today.