The Tong 1025 vegetable weigher is one of the bestselling potato and carrot weighing machines within Tong’s crop-weighing range, offering an economical machine that efficiently weighs crop into 12.5kg to 50kg bags at up to 10 tonnes per hour.

Potato and Carrot weighing Machines

The Tong 1025 vegetable weigher is the popular choice for any potato or carrot weighing solution. With its gentle processing and high throughputs, potatoes and carrots are weighed quickly and effectively.

Mechanical and electronic models

Manufactured with a double belt feed system, the 1025 can be specified as a mechanical or electronic machine. Mechanical models of the 1025 weigher are manufactured using a mechanical balance with adjustable calibration to give accurate weighing of parsnips, brussel sprouts, bulbs and more specificially for potatoes, and carrot. Weighing machines are a fundamental part of any production line and having one which is diverse in it’s applications is very important.

In fact, the 1025 mechanical weigher is also a popular choice for weighing coal or bagging charcoal. Electronic models of the weigher operate with electronic load cells and are fitted with a digital display control panel, making changes to desired final bag weight quick and easy.

Double belt system

Crop is fed up the double belt feed system comprising of a wider ‘main’ belt and a narrower ‘trickle’ belt, and then crop is weighed in the bag, which is held in place by a bag clamp fitted to the weigher’s head. When the bag reaches a weight close to the desired weight, the main crop belt stops and the trickle belt then adds a little at a time until the desired weight is achieved.

Once the desired weight is reached the bag clamp automatically drops the bag onto an under-conveyor or adjustable height bag platform. This machine is often combined with hand or fixed-head stitching equipment.




The 1025 weigher features a heavy duty double belt feed system which comprises of two 50mm flighted belts; a 380mm wide main belt and a 100mm wide ‘top-up/trickle’ belt gently feeding crop up to the weigher head.



The 1025 vegetable weigher weighs crop in the bag. The machine’s heavy duty pneumatic bag clamp holds the bag in place securely throughout the weighing process, releasing the bag once the desired weight is achieved.



An adjustable height bag platform can be fitted as an option on the 1025 weigher, giving a closely positioned platform for filled bags to be discharged onto. Also ensuring minimal drop and easy exchange of filled bags.



The 1025 weigher is available with the option of a heavy duty bag conveyor with integrated side guards, to effectively receive filled bags. The bag conveyor is manufactured with a 2.5m long x 300mm wide grip top belt as standard, and is commonly used in conjunction with a hand-held stitcher, passing filled bags along the conveyor. Making the entire bag weighing and stitching process run more smoothly.



Reliable Weighing

Based on a simple yet effective heavy duty design, the 1025 weigher offers low maintenance and reliable weighing of a wide range of root crop.


12.5kg to 50kg bags

The 1025 vegetable weigher is one of Tong’s best-selling weighers, offering an economical machine that efficiently weighs crop into 12.5kg to 50kg bags.


Up to 10 tph

The 1025 weigher offers high capacity performance at an affordable price. Weighing crop in the bag for efficient weighing of up to 10 tonnes per hour.

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