Tong works with best in class partners and often works with Dijsktra to offer a shaker grader to UK potato and vegetable growers. Suitable for sorting a variety of root crops, and particularly popular for high-quality seed potato grading, the Dijkstra shuffle grader offers continuous size sorting, offering potato growers and processors cost-effective and accurate potato grading at high capacities.

Exclusive UK supplier of the Dijkstra Grader

What is unique about this machine is the advanced shaking technology, which enables the crop to be sized so precisely. A combination of speed change, a momentary standstill and the forward and upward movement from the screens enables the shuffle grader to separate the crop with great accuracy. Such short bursts of shaking give your crop enough time to sink through the different grading screens, and the manual speed variator enables you to adjust the intensity to suit your needs.

So, if you think that shuffle grader machine is more suitable for your potato and vegetable grading requirements, don’t hesitate to speak to Tong. We will be delighted to discuss your specific vegetable grading requirements and design a complete potato and vegetable grading solution as well as gentle potato tipping and infeed solutions, conveying and big bag and box handling systems. Choose Tong for the complete solution to your vegetable handling requirements from field to pack.



Flexible Grading

Flexible Grading

The Dijkstra Shuffle Grader offers huge flexibility with a choice of both the number of screen decks, and the screen sizes, to suit your specific needs. The screens are made to suit your requirements, available in any desired size, and proven to give accuracy to either 0.1mm with steel screens and 0.5mm with rubber screens.

Gentle Handling

Gentle Handling

At Tong we know that gentle handling is your priority, and the Shuffle Grader is built with that in mind. The rubber screens are a quieter option than the robust steel, however both provide a gentle and reliable process. The built-in screen cleaner ensures that any elongated crop that might get a little stuck along the way is given a gentle push to guarantee there is no damage. This grader is designed to be product friendly so whether your crop is washed or unwashed, it still guarantees a smooth transition.

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty

Built to be robust, low maintenance and heavy duty, this shaker grading system is proven to be long lasting. As this has been designed for 24/7 use, you can be sure that this grader will be able to meet your demands! With the screen decks placed on top of each other the effective use of space makes it perfect for compact installation.

This product is suitable for:

  • Potatoes
  • Onions
  • Any other bulb vegetables


High throughput

15 – 35 tonnes per hour

The Dijkstra grader can be customised to meet your requirements with capacities of up to 35 tonnes of crop per hour.


Unique drive technology

The shaking movement and customised screens ensure accurate and consistent results.

Custom built

3 to 6 screen decks

The flexibility in number of screen decks means you can obtain up to 7 product sizes and increase capacity and accuracy.

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