Tong pre-soak tanks, also known as wet hoppers, ensure an exceptionally gentle reception of crop at high throughputs. Suitable for the infeed of dirty or clean vegetables including carrots, potatoes, parsnips, swedes and more, Tong pre-soak tanks are a popular choice at the infeed of carrot washing lines to effectively cool and loosen soil from crop post-harvest, prior to the carrot washing and polishing process.


Tong wet hoppers receive crop carefully and transfer it onto an outfeed web elevator where crop is drained as it exits the hopper. Pre-soak tanks are often integrated in packhouse environments as the presence of water means that excess debris, soil and sand separates from the crop within the hopper. This gives the crop a light soaking action, which can be enhanced when crop is left to ‘soak’ in the tank for longer dwelling times.

All debris from the crop is then easily removed from the tank via the pre-soak tank’s dump valves. Tong pre-soak tanks are also available with the option of an integrated tank auger for even more effective accumulation and removal of soil and debris.

The perfect carrot soak tank

Perfect for carrots, the soak tank cleans carrots, giving them their clean and polished appearance ready for distribution.



Pre-Soak tank with Integrated Destoner

Pre-Soak tank with Integrated Destoner

Recently introduced to Tong’s range of washing equipment, is the new and uniquely designed jacuzzi pre-soak tank with integrated destoner. This now brings users three invaluable pre-washing processes in one advanced machine.

Built to combine destoning, pre-soak and floating debris removal within the machine’s heavy-duty water-filled tank, the new system has been designed to provide a gentle way to effectively pre-clean heavily soiled crop prior to washing.

The high-performance jacuzzi pre-soak system gently receives crop from the destoner, where a powerful air-injection system creates a jacuzzi effect within the pre-soak tank to promote gentle crop agitation which helps to loosen heavy soil and debris from crop. Floating debris sinks to the bottom of the pre-soak tank where it is easily removed from the tank via an auger and pneumatic dump valve system. These features help to prolong the life and freshness of the water by frequently removing sediment out of the tank, reducing the frequency of water replacement within the tank.

Integrated Debris Remover

Integrated Debris Remover

The floating debris remover is a popular option on Tong Pre-Soak tanks. The debris remover incorporates water jets that create a current of water to draw and direct floating debris, including hollow potatoes, towards a heavy duty outfeed web elevator.

High Performance Jacuzzi System

High Performance Jacuzzi System

Tong pre-soak tanks can be designed to incorporate a high-powered air-blowing system, creating a jacuzzi effect within the pre-soak tank. This system gently agitates crop, helping to loosen heavy soil and debris from crop, for an enhanced soaking action.

This product is suitable for:

  • Potatoes
  • Carrots & Parsnips
  • Celeriac
  • All types of root crop

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