Tong Potato Washing Line comp
Tong potato carrot barrel washer vegetable washing
Tong potato carrot barrel washer vegetable washing
Tong Potato Washing Line comp
Tong potato carrot barrel washer vegetable washing
Tong potato carrot barrel washer vegetable washing

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Vegetable Barrel Washers

  • Advanced washing for all root crops
  • Unrivalled build quality and performance
  • All capacities from 1.5 to 100 tph
  • Available with integrated destoner
  • Minimal maintenance design
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Next Generation Vegetable Barrel Washing

Tong has over 90 years of engineering experience in manufacturing efficient & gentle vegetable barrel washer systems, offering the complete solution to your potato, carrot and root-crop washing needs.

Whether you’re looking for a 2 ton per hour potato washer, or a 30 ton per hour carrot washing machine, Tong is proud to manufacture the most advanced vegetable washing equipment to suit all crop washing requirements, however large or small.



Built to perform under the most demanding washing situations, Tong barrel vegetable washers are built to a heavy duty, easy maintenance design, for gentle yet efficient vegetable washing.

 custom built

1.2 to 6m long

Manufactured in a wide range of standard models with barrel lengths from 1.2m to 6m long and diameters of 0.6m to 1.5m, Tong offers a vegetable washing solution to suit your needs.

all throughputs

1.5 to 100 tph

Available in mild or stainless steel construction, Tong barrel washers are built to suit all vegetable washing throughputs from 1.5 to 100 tons per hour.

Tong Potato Washing Line comp

Robust, reliable and
expertly engineered

Tong vegetable washing machines offer the ideal crop washing solution for all types of root crop, from potatoes and carrots to parsnips and beetroot.

With maximum performance and minimal maintenance at the forefront of Tong’s next generation vegetable barrel washer design, you can be sure a Tong barrel washing system will perform in the most demanding vegetable washing environments, ensuring your produce is always the clean of the crop!

From a stand-alone potato barrel washer to a complete turnkey carrot washing line, Tong offers the most advanced vegetable washing solutions that ensure gentle and efficient crop handling with ultimate reliability and energy-efficiency.


Tong potato carrot infeed chute barrel washing


For the gentlest handling, the infeed chute on Tong barrel vegetable washers is rubber-lined, to ensure a cushioned reception of crop into the washer tank

Tong potato carrot pintle lining barrel washing


Tong barrel vegetable washers feature robust, heavy duty side guards & panels with an easy open facility for simple access to the washer barrel, keeping inspection and maintenance simple. Keeps downtime to a minimum.

Tong Barrel Washer potato carrot barrel washer


Innovatively perforated stainless steel barrels come as standard on Tong barrel vegetable washers. With a robust yet smooth construction, the barrels offer the gentlest handling. A rubber spiral bar is fitted to the inside of the barrel to ensure optimum washing operation & encourage effective crop movement through the barrel.

Potato carrot barrel washer washing equipment Tong


An adjustable barrel out-feed door ensures maximum flexibility and control over crop throughput. Designed to be adjusted without stopping barrel rotation, this feature gives you complete control over crop flow.

Tong potato carrot barrel washing


All Tong barrel vegetable washers come with a robust stainless steel discharge elevator, complete with a durable, heavy duty ‘door-stop’ style rubber belt for gentle handling of crop whilst allowing water to drain back into the washer tank. An efficiently powerful final rinse bar is fitted above the discharge elevator to ensure optimum crop cleaning results. Fresh-water spray jets give crop a final rinse as it comes out of the barrel for an enhanced washed finish.

Tong potato carrot pintle lining barrel washing


For enhanced washing performance, the washer barrel can be partially or fully brush or rubber pintle lined. Particularly effective on heavy soiled crop or for improved washing quality on product with indentations or eyes.


Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in our state-of-the-art UK manufacturing facility, Tong vegetable barrel washers are custom-built to suit your specific requirements. With a wide range of options for optimum vegetable washing results, a Tong barrel washer can be completely tailored to meet your every need.

Tong potato carrot integrated destoner barrel washing


Tong barrel vegetable washers can be fitted with a close-coupled destoner, integrated into the washer tank for effective removal of stones and debris prior to washing.

Tong barrel washer integrated debris remover potato carrot washing


The floating debris remover is a popular option on Tong barrel washers. Located at the infeed of the barrel washer, the debris removed incorporates water jets that create a current of water to draw and direct floating debris, including hollow potatoes, towards a heavy duty outfeed web elevator.


Designed to transport soil sediment within the barrel washer tank, the option of a full-length tank auger helps to extend the usage time and longevity of the water by accumulating soil at the end of the barrel tank for easy removal. The tank auger system is simple, requires minimal maintenance and is very effective, making tank cleaning easier and more effective.


The Tong tank scraper system can be fitted as an option on all vegetable barrel washers. Fitted alongside an auger and featuring a heavy duty web construction with ‘scraper’ bars, the scraper system automatically removes soil sediment gathered by the auger from the base of the water tank. Subsequently, the tank scraper system allows continuous operation of the washer without the need to open the washer tank valve to remove soil. Saving time and water! This feature minimises stoppage time for cleaning and removing soil from the tank, whilst helping to significantly extend the longevity of the water within the tank, keeping it fresher for longer.

booster-spray-bar Potatoes washing


A high pressure ‘Booster’ spray bar can be fitted as an option inside the washer barrel to add an additional washing action for an enhanced washed finish. The spray bar is used in conjunction with a dedicated pump and filter elevator to remove floating debris from the water, before it is recirculated back to the spray bar.


Tong’s powered centre brush is a large, round, rotating brush which can be fitted at the outfeed end of the vegetable washer barrel. The centre brush rotates in the opposite direction to the barrel to enhance the appearance of washed product. Potatoes with deep eyes that retain soil are brushed clean by the soft rotating bristles of the brush. Operated by an independent motor, the brush is manually adjustable; the gap between the edge of the brush and the barrel can be adjusted to suit crop conditions, allowing operators to control the level of action from the brush on the crop for optimum results.

Tong Potato Washing Line comp

The complete vegetable washing solution

Our dedicated team of sales engineers have many years of experience in working closely with customers to create truly bespoke vegetable washing systems that overcome today’s challenges with tomorrow’s demands in mind. Talk to Tong today to discuss how the latest root crop washing solutions could transform your handling operations.

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