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Tong is dedicated to working closely with broccoli growers and processors to design and manufacture efficient and reliable broccoli trimming and handling, broccoli grading and broccoli processing equipment, for effective post-harvest broccoli handling.

Tong’s broccoli trimmers and handling equipment can be manufactured to suit all throughput requirements, designed to offer gentle and safe broccoli trimming, conveying and bulk handling solutions. Whether you are handling whole broccoli heads or smaller broccoli florets, Tong broccoli handling systems make post-harvest broccoli processing more productive.

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over 90 years

Tong Engineering has over 90 years of experience in manufacturing robust and reliable vegetable handling equipment, from single machines to full bespoke systems.

custom built

to your specification

With a wide range of standard broccoli handling machines and models, as well as custom-designed solutions, Tong can offer a quality handling system that suits any requirement, however large or small

all throughputs

from 1 to 100tph

Built to perform under the most demanding situations, Tong broccoli handling equipment can be built to suit all throughput requirements, whether you are looking to process one or one hundred tonnes per hour.


Whatever your broccoli handling needs, from a large capacity broccoli trimmer to an effective broccoli box tipper, Tong can offer a wealth of broccoli handling expertise to ensure you broccoli processing operations run in the most efficient way.

As well as advanced broccoli handling equipment, Tong also manufactures custom-built brassica handling equipment for all types of brassicas from cabbage blowing equipment to Brussel sprout optical sorting and grading systems, cauliflower de-leading machines. So whether you are looking to trim broccoli, convey cabbages or tip boxes of cauliflower, Tong will work closely with you to provide the complete broccoli and brassica handling solution.

Broccoli Trimming Line Tong Engineering Vegetable Packing


Tong’s market leading broccoli trimmer is built using the latest technology, designed to offer ultimate safety throughout the broccoli trimming process.

With advanced features including Tong’s intelligent Auto-Touch HMI control for exceptionally easy and safe operation of the broccoli trimmer, as well as a safely concealed blade to ensure operators will never come in contact with the moving blade. The Tong broccoli trimmer makes broccoli trimming more productive and much safer than ever before.

With a throughput of up to 80 heads per minute with one operator, Tong’s broccoli cutter provides a consistent cutting depth and accurate throughput data, offering broccoli processors high capacity broccoli trimming with a uniform finish every time.

For more details of Tong’s broccoli trimmer, please click here.

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Tong manufactures a complete broccoli conveying solution to suit all broccoli handling requirements, no matter how large or small. From triple deck broccoli conveyors for efficient broccoli packing, to single broccoli conveyors for effective transport of broccoli from one area of your packing line to the next, Tong has a range of standard broccoli conveyors, as well as expertise in designing and manufacturing custom built vegetable conveying solutions.

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Broccoli Trimmer Trimming machine


Whether you’re tipping broccoli from dolavs or boxes, Tong manufactures a robust and reliable broccoli box tipper for all broccoli tipping situations. Available in mild steel and stainless steel construction, a broccoli tipper from Tong will ensure your crop is handled gently whilst providing a continuous feed of broccoli to your handling line for maximum throughputs.

Whatever your broccoli tipping requirements, we’d love to discuss a solution with you! Please click here to our range of broccoli box and bag tippers.

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Rotary Packing Table Vegetable packing Tong Engineering Broccoli


With a wide range of broccoli handling equipment specifically designed for increasing the efficiency of broccoli packing operations, Tong offers the complete broccoli handling solution. From reliable broccoli conveyors, to rotary packing tables to effectively accumulate packed broccoli ready for despatch, as well as complete roller conveyor systems to effectively transport packed broccoli trays. Tong manufactures broccoli packing solutions, from single machines to complete broccoli packing and despatch systems.

Click here to view Tong’s range of processing and packing equipment, and do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific broccoli handling needs and determine how custom-built broccoli equipment from Tong can ensure maximum productivity and profitability.

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Tong’s broccoli trimming machine offers a safe way to effectively and consistently trim broccoli without the need for manual handling of cutting equipment. Manufactured in stainless steel with full HMI touch screen control, the trimmer ensures ultimate ease of use and safety for the operator with the added benefit of providing a consistent cutting depth and accurate throughput data.

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