Potato Grading with Tong’s advanced Caretaker Mobile Grader

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A video of Tong’s latest Caretaker Mobile Grader in action, cleaning, grading and sorting potatoes at high capacity. The gentlest handling and most advanced design to ensure carefully graded potatoes.

Reception Hopper – built to perform

EasyClean Separator – unrivalled cleaning in all conditions and effective removal of soil and haulm

EasyGrade Screen Grading – gentle and accurate grading of crops

Blue Inverter Technology – ultimate energy efficiency using over 50% less energy

Auto-touch HMI control – instant and automatic cleaner and Caretaker control at your fingertips

EasyFill box Filler – the market’s leading box filler; gentle, robust, and reliable

Doorstep Belt – cradles crop for the gentlest handling

Caretaker Mobile Grader

With over 85 years of engineering experience, Tong Engineering has unrivalled experience in designing and building the most gentle, efficient and advanced mobile potato and vegetable grader on the market.

For more details, take a look at our mobile vegetable grader.

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