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Bulker TONG grader
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Bulker TONG Grader 4
Bulker TONG grader
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Bulker Mobile Grading Machine

  • Compact mobile grading solution
  • Efficient handling at low throughputs
  • Suitable for throughputs up to 25 tons per hour
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Reliable performance
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Bulker TONG grader


The bulker mobile grading machine is quite literally a scaled-down version of Tong’s flagship mobile grader, the Caretaker. Featuring the same robust and reliable construction, alongside the latest handling technology, but on a smaller scale, the Bulker is an effective vegetable grading machine that offers lower throughputs – between 15 to 25 tons per hour.

Energy efficient

50% less energy

The new Bulker vegetable grading machine is exceptionally energy efficient with all electric inverter direct drive variable speed motors, ensuring only the required energy is used dependent on the load.

custom built

900mm or 1200mm

With a choice of standard widths including 900 or 1200mm wide, the Bulker mobile grading machine can be built to your exact specification to suit your crop and throughput requirements.

low throughputs

from 15 to 25 tph

Built to offer an effective mobile grading solution where lower throughputs are required. The Bulker can effectively clean and grade up to 25 tons of crop per hour.

Bulker TONG Grader 5
Tong Bulker Mobile Grader


The Bulker is typically built to incorporate an infeed hopper, coil cleaner, grading unit and a roller inspection table, all on one heavy-duty mobile chassis and incorporates the latest technical advancements in all-electric inverter direct drives. This ensures the very best energy efficiency, alongside the gentlest handling.

Tong’s Bulker mobile grading machine is ideal for efficiently handling of a wide variety of crops and is suitable for grading potatoes, onions, carrots, parsnips, beetroot and more.

So, if you’re looking for all the processes that a Caretaker has to offer, but on a smaller scale, don’t hesitate contact us to discuss your requirements. The Bulker suits lower throughput vegetable grading requirements and could be the ideal mobile vegetable grading machine for you.




All new Bulker mobile grading machine is built with Tong’s Blue Inverter Technology. Offering the very best energy efficiency, with all electric Inverter Variable Speed Drive. Producing energy savings of over 50% when compared to similar machines with standard mechanical drive.

Bulker hopper


Heavy duty steel gauge design consisting of chain and lathe construction. It also has heavy duty 4 inch pitch chains with a dual driven shaft. The Bulker hopper offers the very best quality and reliability, with a total maximum strain of 64 ton, built with the option of a heavy duty reinforced EP250 rubber chevron belt. With either vulcanised V cleats or a heavy duty PVC pocket belt, you can be sure that the Tong hoppers will stand up to demands for years to come.

Bulker conveyors


All Bulkers are built using the most heavy duty conveyors, with double strength PVG belts. Designed to meet the most demanding conditions.

Bulker coils


Manufactured in a choice of polyurethane (PU) or steel coil rollers, the Tong adjustable coil cleaner can be specified as your chosen cleaner separator. Easily integrated with the Bullker mobile grading machine. Designed as an efficient cleaning system suitable for light soil conditions. The Tong adjustable coil cleaner can also be used for sizing out smaller crop between 15mm to 55mm. Built with 4, 6 or 8 rows of easily adjustable centre spiral coils/rollers. The coil cleaner is gentle on crop whilst effectively removing loose soil, small stones and clod from crop.

Bulker LED lighting


For enhanced visibility on the inspection table, the Bulker mobile grading machine is fitted with energy efficient LED lighting. Improving working conditions and picking-off capabilities.



Tong has partnered with Internationally-renowned PPG Industries, allowing us to offer a specialist paint finish on all mild steel painted equipment. Giving the Bulker unrivalled corrosion resistance, excellent durability and outstanding appearance.
The innovative SPECTRACON® coating pairs a solvent-based epoxy primer with a high-performance finish layer. This ensures surface durability, and the resilient undercoat offers superior anti-corrosion protection should the top finished coating suffer chipping or damage. Giving an additional layer to prevent rust, oxidation or steel tarnishing. The eco-friendly acrylic polyurethane paint has been designed with challenging exterior conditions in mind. It can also withstand direct sunlight, preventing appearance fade and ensuring a long-lasting glossy appearance. Tong’s specialist painted finish can be supplied in any colour to match existing machinery, surroundings or site requirements.



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